And the award winner is…

Since the beginning of February, the ranking of PHP Programming Award winners of 2007 is available.

As you may see Cesar Rodas is top ranked of all authors that were nominated to the award during 2007.

Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
1 PHP SVN Client
Retrieve files from an SVN repository in pure PHP
Cesar D. Rodas 23.81% 8 One book of choice by O’Reilly
1 Google Hacks
Search the Internet for certain files using Google
Er. Rochak Chauhan 23.81% 8 One year server license IP to country region city database
3 Bayesian Spam Filter
Detect spam in text using Bayesian techniques
Cesar D. Rodas 19.05% 6  
4 googleSiteMap
Build a Google site map crawling the site pages
wenchi 16.67% 5  
5 oLoc
Retrieve and edit internationalized texts
Johan Barbier 7.14% 4  
6 Spam Rating
Check whether a message is spam using spamassassin
Jijomon .T 4.76% 3  
6 Ohloh API
Get Open Source project statistics from
Paul Scott 4.76% 3  
8 PHP CVS Client
Retrieve files from a CVS repository in pure PHP
Cesar D. Rodas <1.00% 1

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