Nike Total 90 Laser FG Yellow Zest

Yeahhh…. i got this shoes setelah kuidam-idamkan. Walopun dengan harga “wah” 😦 tapi comfort pas dipakenya dan yg pasti… kerennnn, mudah2an bisa dapetin banyak gol dari sepatu ini hehe sip.


Kata yang jualan sih:

The Nike Total 90 Laser is the new boot choice of England and Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, creating a revolutionary enhancement of the Total 90 series.

Applying the learning from sports like golf or tennis, the expanded Sweet Spot on the Nike Total 90 Laser allows the athlete to maximise shooting and passing accuracy through better boot to ball alignment and targeting.

Precission ring for control
Unique precision rings create optimum trajectrory, spin and distance control. Twisted medial rings provide more agggressive contact, enhancing ball spin and swerve opportunities.

Improve Accuracy
The highest density material (3 times harder than a synthetic upper) is aligned with the hardest part of the foot for improved accuracy and distance. The precision rings are sectioned to help the player keep the ball down when shooting at goal.

eVent fabric
Waterproof eVent Fabric also lets sweat escape, maintaining a constant temperature inside the boot while playing.

The Nike Total 90 Laser FG


4 thoughts on “Nike Total 90 Laser FG Yellow Zest

  1. yudha

    Gw juga pake spatu nie….enak bangat di kaki gw…klo lo da yg pengen spatu ky gini , hubungi ja gw , gw lego cm 300k ko harga miring dr counter kan. 081319282844


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