(20 November 2007) S2U2 v0.86 – back to compatibility

Hey guys,

Just updated to v0.86… if your device was black out while running the old S2U2 version, time for you to test this version now… but take your own risk…

– added option DirectDraw to let S2U2 & Settings run in DirectDraw mode for those devices that cannot run S2U2 probably. But there is still a limitation: they cannot be started in Landscape mode.
1. make sure your device is in Portrait mode
2. create a shortcut for “s2u2 Settings.exe”; add -ddraw command switch (or you may use the installed file “s2u2 Settings(dd).lnk”, but it assumes the installed path is \Program Files\S2U2″)
3. run it
4. check option “Direct Draw” (at the bottom) is turned on
5. save the settings & run S2U2

– when CallerID is enabled & the screen is locked, after an incoming call finished, the call elapsed time will be displayed for 5 seconds

– added option PhoneNoFormat to display the CallerID No in user-defined format

– some minor bugs fixed

CAB files (Thanks Xenpain for hosting the file)

Language Pack (Afrikaans, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish & Turkish) Most of them are still not completed yet. Read the LangReadme.txt for the changes. Please let me know if you can complete them.

Clock Pack

For details, as usual, please read the Readme file or the next post.
Besides, please read the README FIRST, especially the Known limitations & FAQs before you post your questions.

Finally, to show your appreciation, pls CLICK HERE to make a donation. Thanks.

__________________________________________________ ______

Hey, (17-11-2007)

A quick fix v0.85 is released…

– added a few more locations support to CallerID

– fixed the “unknown” Caller

– fixed the call waiting issue

– some minor bugs fixed

CAB files (Thanks Xenpain for hosting the file)

__________________________________________________ ______

Hey guys, (15-11-2007)

Just updated to v0.83, mainly reworked the CallerID part & added S2A

– reworked the CallerID function

– added option Slide2Answer (only effective when CallerID is enabled & the device is locked; to answer the call – slide the green button; to end – press the end button or the power button; to mute – press the volume up/down buttons)

– added command switch -reset for iLock2 to reset the unread counts of SMS, MMS, email & vmail (make sure you know they all should be zero before run it)

– for Korean devices, removed the default SMS patch. To apply the patch, add a registry key KoreanSMSpatch (DWORD) & set it to 1

– some minor bugs fixed

– more FAQs added in the ReadMe.txt

__________________________________________________ ______

Hey guys, (10-11-2007)

Thank you all for your translation contributions. Here it is another update… v0.81

– added s2u2 Settings.exe for changing the settings of S2U2

– iLock2.exe no longer need to use the notification database

– when the screen is locked, only touch/move the slider will reset the idle time

– added option ACBlankOnTalk (similar to BlankOnTalk, but only effective when connected to external power)

– added the SMS unread count for Korean devices

– the CAB installation will not overwrite the previous settings of S2U2

– some minor bugs fixed




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