(30 October 2007) S2U2 v0.72 – back to caller (International)

Hey, (30-10-2007)

Thank you for your translation contribution. Here it is another update… v0.72

– added a few more locations support to CallerID

– added international languages support (for non-English devices, d/l the S2U2LanguagePack.rar; extract your language’s ini file; rename it to lang.ini; copy to the S2U2 installed folder; restart iLock2)

– fixed the unmapping issue of keyboard on unlock

– some minor bugs fixed

– more FAQs added in the ReadMe.txt

CAB files (Thanks Xenpain for hosting the file)

Language Pack (Afrikaans, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian & Spanish)

Clock Pack


Hey guys, (26-10-2007)

Following the previous thread, here is another major update… v0.7

– added opton CallerID to have a full screen or thumbnail caller pic

(left: CallerID = 1, right: CallerID = 2)

– when CallerID is enabled, & when a call is missed, a “Missed Call” will show who made that…

– added support to 320 x 320 devices

– smoother start-up

– some bugs fixed

CAB files (Thanks Xenpain for hosting the file)

There is no updated files only for download this time.

For details, as usual, please read the Readme file or the next post.
Besides, please read the README FIRST, especially the Known limitations & FAQ before you post your questions.

Finally, if you are happy with this app, pls CLICK HERE to donate to show your appreciation.



4 thoughts on “(30 October 2007) S2U2 v0.72 – back to caller (International)

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  3. Wiz

    Hi there,

    Excellent program. However, I still have a question. I would like my info (name, company etc) to appear on the s2u2 screen when I switch on the PDA.



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